Preparing your home for market

Anxious your listing is not getting enough views. You are not alone.

Quite often we wonder why our listing does not get enough traction, when we have priced right for the market. When similar houses in the neighborhood get sold for more, it just gives a lost feeling. Here are some tips that can help you position your house better for the market.

  • Right pricing. As home owners we tend to price based on market value for similar homes. But we overlook the appeal of the houses. To drive home the point, here are two different  listings from the same zip code.dochu super

The price/sq feet for listing 1 is 575$ and price/sq feet for listing 2 is 406$. The reason why listing 1 is failing to get traction is obvious. I am not trying to promote home staging or improving curb appeal. Even a shack can be sold, provided its priced accordingly. There are several resources out there to find out  how your listing compares with others. is a good resource to get all the data points about your listing. It compares your listing with others based on price, locality and provides a feedback.

  • Home appeal. Staging goes a long a way not just in improving the price of the house but even to get the much needed traction from buyers.
  • Structural problems. Data shows that buyers prefer an over priced structurally good home over an under priced home with structural problems. This may not be a problem to get initial traction, but to sell the house take care of the structural problems
  • Timing. Alas this is not in your hands. Market fluctuation is a clear and present danger, so some times waiting out could be the only good option.
  • Photos. Photos create the first impression in sellers mind about the listing. When your listing is not getting enough traction its time to get feed back about your listing or upload more appealing photos.